#20 – Understanding SSL/TLS and how to use it

Security is a major concern for all applications today, and there are many way it can be achieved.  However if you don’t do it right, your system and data can be subject to hackers.

At DireXions 2017, we will hold a session designed to help you better understand the concepts behind SSL, TLS, Ciphers and Certificates.  From there, we will look at the options available within PxPlus to control security and we will show you how to use these in a live system.

Some of the questions we will be addressing in this session:

  • What is SSL versus TLS?
  • What versions of SSL/TLS are supported?
  • What is SNI and why is it important?
  • How do we control which version is used?
  • What are Ciphers and how are they controlled?
  • What is needed for Credit Card security/PCI-DSS compliance?
  • What is a Certificate and how do you create it?
  • What tools does PxPlus have to allow you create your own Certificates?
  • What is a Trusted Certificated and what does this mean?
  • Do I need a Trusted Certificate and, if so, how do I get one?
  • How do you properly validate a Certificate in PxPlus?
  • How can you use Certificate validation in WindX connections?
  • How can you use Certificates with iNomads and web services?
  • How can I keep current with security?

Join us for the “Creating and Using SSL Certificates” session at DireXions 2017.

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