#19 – Discover the new Browser Control

While Microsoft has done much to improve the functionality and compatibility of its Internet Explorer browser, Chrome is still King, currently with over 50% of the market share.

Since the early days of ProvideX, we have offered a way to embed controls into your application and often this was used to display browser pages.  Unfortunately this usually meant having to embed Internet Explorer which was not always the most desirable choice.  More recently, this has meant that as patches and changes are applied to the workstation, what worked on some systems today may not work on others tomorrow.

Early on in the development stages of PxPlus 2017, we made a decision to add a new native browser control based on the Chrome engine.  This change will allow us to ship a static browser with industry leading compatibility that we can control when patches and/or updates are released.

At DireXions 2017, there will be a session on this new browser control where we will be providing you detailed information on its use and addressing a number of questions you might have.  For example:

  • What is required to switch from Shell.Explorer to the new Browser control?
  • What code changes might be needed?
  • Are there any limitations with using the Browser control?
  • What Events does the new Browser control support?
  • How can it be used to display PDF’s, Videos, and other types of media?
  • What platforms is it compatible with?
  • How have existing Objects/Utilities been adapted to use this control?
  • Can I still embed the Shell.Explorer/Internet Explorer browser?

Join us for the “Web Browser Control” session at DireXions 2017 on the afternoon of Friday Sept 15, 2017 for this informative session.

Check out direxions2017.pvxplus.com/agenda for the complete agenda and once there, don’t forget to click on each session header for additional details.

(Important: The earlier you book the better the selection of staterooms will be available.)

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