#18 – Spend time with our Experts

Perhaps one of the most valuable sessions at DireXions 2017 will be the one planned exclusively for you and by you.   Yes, you heard correctly.  Each attendee is entitled to a 45-minute, one on one meeting, with a PVX Plus Technologies’ expert.  Normally a meeting of this kind would cost hundreds of dollars in consulting fees, but at this conference,  it is included in the conference fee.

The value, of this meeting alone, more than covers the cost of the conference fee.

These meetings are designed to allow each company to present and/or discuss any particular needs or challenges they may be facing with their PxPlus application.  They can also be used to get feedback from our highly experienced staff on ideas that you could use to either enhance your application, take advantage of newer PxPlus features or both.

For our international partners, these meeting will provide you an excellent opportunity to discuss your local needs, from special software/security requirements, operating systems, language issues, or marketing challenges.  These one-on-one meetings will provide an excellent opportunity for you to help us address your needs within the global marketplace.

Once conference registration is over, we will be forwarding all attendees a short questionnaire about what you would like to focus on during these meetings.  In addition, you will be able to select your preferred date/time for the meeting based on the time slots available during the cruise.

What the focus of these meetings is will be up to you! We will do our best to match you up with the ideal PVX Plus expert based on the information you provide in the questionnaire.

Priority for the one on one meeting schedules will be based on the order you signed up for the conference so sign up early to help assure you get the time slot you want.

For a full agenda of the conference and to see the times set aside for the one-on-one meetings, check out http://direxions2014.pvxplus.com/agenda.

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