#17 – Help avoid Piracy while cruising

Software is an asset and like any valuable asset, it needs to be protected.  As such, not only PxPlus but also your software needs to be properly protected from piracy.  Software piracy is a problem that we all face today and nobody wants to see their hard-earned investment in software pirated.

Avoiding software piracy while assuring access to the software components that have been paid for is the job of our license management software.

At DireXions 2017, we will have an open discussion about how our License Management system works and how you can use it to help protect your software investment.  This session will provide insights into the PxPlus licensing control system and how you can tap into its features to help avoid software piracy.

You will also be introduced  to some of the enhancements  in PxPlus 2017 that are designed to make your job easier when you install and/or re-install your software licenses.  This will include information on how to properly transfer your licenses from one machine to another when new hardware is needed whether that is due to a simple system upgrade or catastrophic system failure.

Other related topics included in this discussion:

  • How does the system handle concurrent users?
  • What does it take to setup a background process without losing a user license?
  • How can you identify which device is actually taking a user license?
  • What steps do I take to add users to an existing license?
  • How can we register software even if the system has no Internet Connection?
  • What can we do if we think a license has been stolen?
  • How can I determine programmatically if the PxPlus is properly registered or if there are any licenses currently available?

If you have any of these questions and want to learn how to take advantage of the installation and software registration utilities then this session is must.

Register now for DireXions 2017 to learn how to simplify license management and safeguard your software.

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