Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions attendees might have.

Do I need to check-in for the conference?

Yes. Please pick up your badge and conference materials in the conference room on Monday morning – Day 2 at 8:30 AM just prior to the first session.

Is a conference badge required?

Yes. Badges must be worn at all times during all sessions and PVX Plus special events. No unregistered guests will be allowed to attend DireXions events.

Am I allowed to bring a guest?

Guests that booked their cruise with the DIREXIONS PLUS 2018 group are welcome to attend The Farewell Cocktail Party.  Badges will be available for these guests, in the conference room, on Day 7.

Note: Guests will NOT have access to conference sessions or conference materials.

Is there Internet on board the ship?

Yes, Internet on board the ship is surprisingly fast thus the name Voom.   For more information and purchasing options, please see:  RCCL Internet Packages

Am I allowed to record the sessions I attend?

No. Use of cameras or any other type of audio or video recording device, including cellular phones, in conference sessions is prohibited.

Will a power station be provided in the conference room?

No, power stations will not be provided.

What do attendees need to know about the use of personal electric devices?

All electric devices should be set to silent mode during all sessions. If an attendee must take a call, as a courtesy to others they should step outside of the room. Attendees should be aware that using a laptop or handheld device during sessions might be distracting to others.

What about health insurance?

We recommend that you have out-of-country health insurance in case of a medical emergency. Please check to make sure that you have appropriate coverage.


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