#8 – All Hands on Tech: What’s New in PxPlus

Life doesn’t stand still, and neither does PxPlus.   With a whole slew of new features and options, PxPlus  2017 will help you modernize the look of your application so that you can provide the new functionality your end users are seeking.

As with all previous DireXions’ conferences, the ‘Big Ticket’ presentation is where we introduce you to the latest innovations that the PxPlus has to offer.  This year, at DireXions 2017, will be no exception.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new tech we will be presenting:

Bar Charts (inside of list boxes)

Everybody agrees that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not give your end-users a true picture of what is happening in the system.

With PxPlus 2017, we will be introducing the ability to include horizontal bar charts inside both list boxes and grids.  This feature allows you to present key system information to the end user in a manner that allows for easier assimilation.

Here is a perfect example:  include horizontal bar charts in a list to help highlight when inventory levels start to reach critical levels by comparing stock on hand to sales per day and delivery times.  Use different colors to highlight those products that need immediate attention to avoid out of stock situations.

bar2017With the tools that you will learn about at the conference, you can provide meaningful at glance information for your users.

Installation Shortcuts

Do you find it challenging to keep your client’s Windows workstations current with the latest version of WindX? Well, we will show you how we have solved this issue and made upgrading to future versions of PxPlus and WindX a breeze.

In the past, when upgrading to WindX or PxPlus you had to deal with how to install it so that all the users existing Windows shortcuts would not only continue to function but also start using the newer version of the software.  This often proved challenging and meant custom installs and/or setup scripts had to be created.

Now, with PxPlus 2017, we you will have an easy way to automatically change all Windows shortcuts to use the latest installed version.

Be sure to attend, What’s New in PxPlus, where we will show you have to simplify the installation and setup using the new PxPlus 2017 shortcut link facility for Windows.

Automatic Data Validation

Business Basic is a great development language as it allows you to accomplish a myriad of data collection and processing tasks easily.  However, unlike many other languages, its flexibility and dynamic nature sometimes allows poor programming to go undetected resulting in data being placed in the control tables and files that has not been properly validated.

PxPlus 2017 addresses this problem by adding the ability to have the system automatically validate that data written to files always adheres to the validation rules you have established for the file.  For example, if the field contains a date with the format YYYY-MM-DD then only valid dates with this format will be allowed to be written to the file.  If a field can only contain 40 characters, then it cannot contain 41.  And so on.

Learn how to take advantage of this new feature and start automatically controlling data validation on your PxPlus files, tables and external databases.

Sign up for DireXions+ 2017, so you’re up to speed on all the latest tech available in PxPlus.

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