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True or False?


Q: “A cruise conference will cost more than a land conference

Most of you may have guessed incorrectly, that with the cost of a 7-day cruise this would not be a good deal – but it is.

One big difference is the actual conference fee.  For a land-based conference, this fee must include the cost of meals, entertainment and conference facilities.  On a cruise conference, all these costs are included in the cost of the cruise. We’ve worked hard to get the price of this cruise conference down, as low as we possibly can, and in the end made something that will actually cost less than you would normally pay for a full week long conference.

Consider this, the conference registration fee for DireXions 2017 is only $350 CDN that includes all of the conference sessions, a one-on-one session, and private cocktail farewell reception.  While your cruise cabin pricing includes all meals, taxes, use of facilities, most entertainment, and of course – stateroom accommodations.

When you take into account that the actual cruise conference fee is ⅓ the price of the average land conference, as you can see below, you can actually cover the total cost of the DireXions 2017 Cruise conference for less than the cost of attending our average land conference!

Comparison of DireXions 2017 costs vs. previous land based DireXions conferences

  DireXions 2017
uise Conference
DireXions 2016
DireXions 2014
Disney Orlando
Conference Fee $350

$260 US
(standard fee w/workshop)
$1,272 US
(standard fee w/workshop)
$1,310 US
Hotel Costs $1,908
(single occ./inside cabin)
$1,415 US
($209 CDN + tax @3 nights)
$556 US
($165 US + tax @3 nights)
$534 US
Meal Costs $0
(ALL meals included)
$74 US
$74 US
TOTAL $2,258
$1,675 US
$1,902 US
$1,918 US

Prices above in $CDN unless otherwise noted.
Conversion rate $0.74 US = $1.00 CDN

So for a single person attending DireXions 2017, the total cost of the conference and training (excluding airfare) will be over $300 less than the last two conferences.  That’s a savings of about 12% from prior years.

Of course you can save even more by sending two people to share accommodations:

  • Two people attending cruise conference (sharing inside cabin) total = $2,758.
  • Two people attending the land based conference (sharing standard hotel room) total = $4,380.
  • Two people attending cruise conference over a land base conference: savings of $1,622.

The truth is, this cruise conference – whether one or two people are attending from your company – will cost less and save you money on your training budget!

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