#3 – Customizing your Experiences

It is a long forgotten utility for many of you, but the PxPlus Customizer has provided your end users, for many releases, with an easy way to tailor their experience.  At DireXions 2017, we will revisit this past treasure and show off some of its newest features.

At the last DireXions, we used the customizer to showcase where you might use dynamic system menus.  During that session, it became very apparent that not everybody knew of the customizer’s existence and only a few knew how to take full advantage of the Customizer’s capabilities.

This year, at DireXions 2017, we hope to resolve all that.  During this session, we will re-introduce you to the customizer and review how it works.  We will also provide examples showing how developers and/or end-users can use it to add custom fields to their application, all without affecting the existing code.

There  will also be a demonstration on how we have incorporated the new horizontal bar charts for list and grids into the customizer allowing even more information to be displayed graphically.  Finally, we will also show you how Customizer itself is easier than ever to setup and control with PxPlus 2017.

To be prepared the next time your end-users ask for a custom field, or you need information added quickly to existing Nomads panels you certainly do not want to miss this session.

Cruise along with us to find all the treasures buried deep within the Customizer at DireXions 2017.

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