#2 – Meet our Village People

An old African proverb says:

It takes a village to raise a child


Well PxPlus is no different, it takes a community to create a great product, to nurture it, and keep it healthy.

Join us and other members of the PxPlus community — developers, resellers, and clients — at DireXions 2017 this fall.  Because meeting like-minded people not only inspires you, but it creates an opportunity to build partnerships and joint venture opportunities.

You will have ample time with fellow PVXers from varied backgrounds and industries to find out what others are doing with PxPlus to tackle some of the application challenges they face every day.  Through networking, you can help each other uncover ideas that can spark inspiration.  You are bound to find the answers to questions you may have or learn a trick or two on how others took advantage of PxPlus toolset.

If you have your own application, spend time with other resellers to see if perhaps they can assist you marketing or supporting your product.  Use this opportunity to build new partnerships. Sharing ideas with like-minded individuals may lead you to that next great strategy to grow your business.

Don’t be a macho man (or woman) and try to do everything yourself.  Join us as at DireXions 2017 and meet our Village People — the PxPlus community.

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