#16 – Office Integration Demystified

Have you ever wanted to integrate your business application with Microsoft Office Word or Excel and been faced with the daunting task of learning and understanding their interfaces?  While Microsoft has done a great job of providing access to virtually every feature conceivable through its interface, the result is not the easiest to understand.

Over the years, developers have asked us for help understanding and using this interface.  To address this need, in PxPlus 2017, we have included two new interface objects specifically designed for use with Microsoft Office and Excel.

These interfaces are designed to simplify the myriad of objects, methods and properties that make up the Microsoft Office interface by providing quick access to the functionality that most Business Applications need.

These two interfaces provide the ability to open existing or new documents/spreadsheets, access and change their contents, and save the results.

Here is just a partial list of the capabilities that will be available.

Access a Document or Workbook:

  • Open/Close/Select/Save/Print
  • Insert/Delete Contents
  • Find and/or Replace Text (with optional case filtering)
  • Read/Write Cell(s) in Excel

Set any of the following in Word or Excel:

  • Font data (name/size/style)
  • Text color

Set any of the following in Excel:

  • A range
  • Fill color

At the DireXions 2017 conference, we will be introducing these objects and providing examples of how they can be used.  We will also present some of the future plans we have for these objects including access to other Office style applications such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice and even direct access to the Word/Excel files on systems that don’t have Office installed.

Join us, in September, for this and other great technical sessions on the Allure of Seas.

Sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

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