#14 – Boost your development with new tools

To quote Mark Twain: “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

But what if you had needed more just a hammer?  To that end, the development team, at PVX Plus Technologies, continues improving the existing tools and building new ones to provide you flexibility and capabilities you need in your development environment.

At DireXions 2017 this fall we, as always, will be introducing you to the latest additions to the PxPlus tool chest.

Here are a few examples of the new tools we will be unveiling:

  • Over the past couple of years, we have been reminding everyone that there is no time like the present to refresh the UI of your application.     Understanding the challenges and time involved in going through each individual panel and control, we are introducing a Library Bulk Edit Utility in PxPlus 2017.

    This newly revamped utility will allow you to change all or selected controls by panel within a library.    The filtering capability will allow you to search by control type and search criteria.  As an example, you will be able to search for all buttons that are named “Exit” and apply changes to those controls in all panels or selected panels.   Updating your control properties, such as the Visual Class or Transparency in your panel controls, will be a snap.

    We have also added the ability to globally change panel headers.   It is now a one-step process to add a Theme (new functionality in PxPlus 2017) or make other changes to your library panel headers.

  • In PxPlus 2016, we added Data Mirroring capability.   Now, in PxPlus 2017, we have taken this a step further and added a new Data Mirroring Configuration Utility.  Designed as a visual dashboard, graphic images allow you to quickly identify and monitor the status of each process.   A drill down feature allows you to get more information so that you can easily troubleshoot a particular process.

    Setting up each Send, Receive and Apply processes is now an uncomplicated procedure.

These are just a small sampling of the tools we will be presenting at DireXions 2017.

After all, not every problem can be solved by brute force and simple tools.  Let us help you get a deeper understanding of the latest PxPlus tools that will allow you to develop more efficiently.

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