#13 -Spotlight on Object Oriented Programming

When it comes to Object Oriented Programming (OOPs), there are three types of people:

Those that love it…

Those that hate it

And those that don’t understand it

At DireXions 2017, we will be having a session on OOPs that offers something for all three.

For those that love object oriented programming and all that you do with it, we will be presenting many of the PxPlus exclusive OOP features and capabilities.  These include:

  • Dynamic creation of new properties
  • Merging object instances
  • Using objects for embedded IO
  • How an object Server works and how that relates to iNomads
  • The PxPlus exclusive “Object Caching” logic to improve performance

For those of you that hate it, we will look at why objects scare people and what can be done to make them easier to use and understand.  The topics will include:

  • Design standards
  • How to avoid ‘zombie’ instances
  • When to use objects and when not to
  • Avoiding the proliferation

And for those of you who really don’t understand objects and feel lost when asked to work with them, we haven’t forgotten you.  This session will include a review of what objects are and what makes them great (or scary — depending on which of the two camps you talk too).  This includes:

  • The basic concepts of Objects – Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation
  • Creating objects and instances
  • Object properties — local and external
  • Methods and what it means to overload them

In short, the OOPs in Review session has something for everybody and one you won’t want to miss.

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