#1 – Learn from the Experts

Who better to teach you about PxPlus than those developing and working with it every day?

The developers, experts and management team from PVX Plus Technologies will be on board, the Allure of the Seas, to present all the newest technologies and the most effective ways to develop and deploy applications using PxPlus.

Get ready for eleven (11) technical training sessions, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of the PxPlus Development Suite. Here are some of the topics on the expert-led conference agenda:

  • How to setup a trusted and secure connection between workstations and a host server using the latest in TLS/SSL technology and ciphers
  • Get acquainted with the various methods to debug application whether they are running on a remote user’s workstation or using a browser on the Internet.
  • Understanding the risks to data integrity involved in various configurations and how address data recovery issues when they inevitability occur
  • Tips and Tricks to update the look and feel of your Windows application with a minimal effort
  • Explore the new Office integration objects for direct, simple access and to update documents
  • Learn how the PxPlus License Manager can make your application more secure and easier to install and maintain with PxPlus 2017.

In addition to the technical sessions, there will be four (4) product presentations on all the latest enhancements introduced in PxPlus 2017.

Join our roundtable discussions about the future of the product with the people who are actually going to make it happen.

Meet and interact with the PVX Plus experts, at DireXions 2017, and they will show you how to maximize your investment in PxPlus.

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